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Receive premium scents at your doorstep. They'll ship out on the 15th each quarter!

Remember this is your moment: Take it easy, unwind, and light up (your new candles of course)! Welcome to the Remember Me VIP Membership.

Sign up to receive your box (Starts shipping On the 15th of every quarter) You’ll want to hurry though, we’re only accepting a limited number of subscribers!

Yes! No commitment, cancel anytime before your next shipment and you won’t be charged. All Remember me VIP orders are nonrefundable and final sale. We will replace damaged items but will not accept returns/exchanges for other products.

Yes! Contact us prior to your shipment to request any changes!

US Shipping only.

Of course! You can manage your billing details from your REMEMBER ME VIP Accounts Page towards your next subscription box order!

No problem! We’ll attempt a recharge up to 3x every 2 days. If payment is unsuccessful after the 3rd attempt, your subscription will be cancelled.

Once a quarter. Our subscriptions ship on the 15th of each quarter: March 15th 2022, June 15th 2022, September 15th 2022, January 15th 2023, April 15th 2023....