Our Story

Contour Candles is a hand poured, soy wax candles and handmade body butter product line founded in 2021. Jacelyn Douglas created Contour Candles after seeking therapy in 2020 she found herself still struggling with her personal challenges with herself and not being able to balance her everyday lifestyle. Jacelyn was diagnosed with alopecia seventeen years ago that left her with a substantial quantity of hair loss.

CEO and Founder Jacelyn Douglas began to strengthen and breathe new life back into living by learning how important it is to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that she can transmit good feelings of love and support to others. She began engaging in self-care routines by making her very-own hand poured candles and handmade body butter products that she used weekly to improve her happiness because it was something that she enjoyed and it minimized her struggles and challenges, which became the foundation for her product line today.

Contour Candles offers two affordable products, natural candles, and organic body butters. Our brand is polished, effortless, and translucent just like our products. We keep it organic & natural, with high quality ingredients free of phthalates, toxins, cruelty free, no synthetic propylene, and no chemicals. We leave out harmful ingredients and we never test on animals. All items are tested before use.


Why do you have to give up anything else?

Embrace your truth! Why can't you have it all?

Transform your story ! Love yourself ! Time Management and Balance will free your life !

Try it, Try happiness.