The Unspoken Journey

For some of us, wearing a wig in 2022 or NOT at all is not optional. So the answer to your Question is YES, I will be wearing a wig in 2022. Personally, I have never liked wigs, it was such a big adjustment for me, but it was not optional for me either. As a young black women I was always told your hair is your crown, if people remembered nothing else about you they remembered how your hair looked that day. I say all that to say this; I am a African American woman who was diagnosed with alopecia at the age of 24 instead of focusing on the simple things of my life, It was the opposite for me. I was shamed by others when I tried to wear my hair when it began thinning and being an African-American woman of dark melanin I became a very insecure and vain woman in relationship to hair and the way I looked all the time.

Today, I choose to have a conversation about it, to create awareness so I want to Speak Up and Speak Out About It !

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